Blitzer, Clancy & Company

Strategic Advisory

Blitzer, Clancy & Company’s Strategic Advisory service helps companies identify, evaluate and select the best alternative strategies for improving shareholder value and addressing key operational issues.

BCC performs a strategic analysis on the current state of the Company:

  • The analysis touches each facet of the business that affects shareholder value: Markets, Sales Channels, Customers, Products & Services, Competitors, Operations, Organization and Financials.
  • BCC discreetly surveys key employees, and analyzes financial data including historical financials, sales history by customer and operational performance data/metrics that are tracked by the Company.
  • The objective of this strategic analysis is identifying the Company’s core Strengths (Competencies) and Weaknesses, as well as key Opportunities and Threats to the business.

Based on this strategic analysis, BCC evaluates the findings with respect to shareholder value:

  • Identifying areas where action can be taken to improve shareholder value
  • Identifying areas where action should be taken to prevent future loss of shareholder value

BCC’s unique portfolio management approach helps owners and management analyze all business lines and relevant markets and assists in the strategy, positioning and identification of potential acquisitions and divestitures of product lines and subsidiaries/divisions to maximize long-term owner value.