Blitzer, Clancy & Company

Company Sale / Division Divestiture

Blitzer, Clancy & Company has a proven track record guiding corporations, owners, executives, holding companies and private equity groups in the successful sale of companies, subsidiaries and product lines.  BCC maintains active, senior-level access and close professional relationships with a network of both strategic and financial buyers across the globe covering each of the firm’s target market and is constantly expanding that network.

BCC’s approach to selling is different than most other firms and that difference offers significant value to clients:

  • One of BCC’s strengths is identifying areas of value in a business that may not be readily apparent to existing owners and management, but may be critically important to a potential buyer.
  • BCC goes far beyond the financial statements, to build and convey to potential buyers a compelling story of the full value that a Company has built and is continuing to expand through all aspects of its business.
  • BCC also takes the lead in the initial discussions with potential buyers.  Viewed as an extension of management by many clients, BCC is able to handle all of the initial contact and discussions with potential acquirers, enabling management teams to continue focusing on running their Companies.  The team at Blitzer, Clancy & Company is comfortable discussing all facets of a Company (products, markets, strategies, technologies, financials, operations, organization….) with potential acquirers, without requiring the involvement of Company management.
  • Additionally, during these initial discussions, BCC identifies the areas of need within potential buyers, and the areas of strategic value that are most important to each individual buyer.
  • Only after a written initial indication of interest with a proposed valuation is offered by a potential buyer, are they allowed to meet selected management and discretely view operations and facilities.
  • BCC manages the entire negotiation and Due Diligence process through to a successful Closing. BCC’s approach to due diligence also prevents surprises late in the process. Due diligence becomes a confirmatory process, rather than an exploratory process that can delay and derail a sale.

This process minimizes disruption and distractions within the Company, prevents knowledge of a potential sale from being exposed, and enables the Company management and owners to focus on having discussions with qualified potential buyers, after they have confirmed interest by placing a written expression of interest.  It also prevents selling fatigue that can happen to management teams and owners that do not follow BCC’s process and have to repeatedly educate a stream of potential buyers that waste Company management time.

Blitzer, Clancy & Company is able to apply this approach around the globe with successful results.  Often Companies only look within their own country for a potential acquirer.  BCC performs many cross-border transactions that are transformational for both the buyer and the seller.  Cross-border buyers often see additional value in acquiring a Company in a new geographic area rather than trying to organically establish a presence.   This can result in a higher value for the Company selling, and provide additional growth opportunities for management and employees.

BCC has proven to be a trusted partner to its clients.  Often the sale of a Company is the most significant event in an owner’s business life.  Many firms can find a buyer for the Company.  Blitzer, Clancy & Company has the approach, the experienced and knowledgeable team, and the proven ability to find the right buyer at the maximum price and the best terms.

BCC Sale/Divestiture Process — Key Points