Blitzer, Clancy & Company


For over three decades Blitzer, Clancy & Company led clients through both simple and complex acquisitions around the globe.  BCC has worked closely with both operating companies and equity providers to identify acquisition build-up strategies and secure acquisition targets.

Because the firm has a strong understanding of the markets it serves, BCC has been very successful getting through to key decision makers and owners of target acquisition companies and engaging in serious discussions with those key decision makers.  BCC’s team has often been told their ability to have a strategic discussion about an acquisition target’s company and its industry is the reason why these key decision makers speak to BCC and ignore the constant calls they receive from other firms every day.

BCC begins the acquisition process involvement at one of two phases:

  1. Identify acquisition strategy/areas and potential targets
  2. Commence acquisition process after one or multiple targets are identified and selected by a client

BCC’s keys to successful acquisition efforts:

  • Breaking through the barrage of unsolicited offers that owners receive to buy their companies
  • Close, personal interaction – developing a level of trust and credibility with sellers that enables them to seriously consider a sale
  • Ability to quickly identify risks, personal “needs and wants” and key benefits and areas of untapped value early in discussions with potential sellers
  • Identifying small adjustments to deal structures and terms that address concerns and fears of the seller, without compromising key financial, strategic and operational requirements of the acquirer
  • Having clear objectives and guidelines (desirable/undesirable attributes) for appropriate search and evaluation

BCC skillfully leads clients’ through each phase of the acquisition process:

  1. Acquisition Profiling
  2. Target Screening
  3. Target Relationship Development
  4. Target Analysis
  5. Offer Development
  6. Due Diligence
  7. Transaction Completion
  8. Post-Closing

The team at Blitzer, Clancy & Company is an extension of its clients’ management teams, assisting in its corporate development efforts to increase shareholder value through the successful identification, negotiation and completion of acquisition opportunities.