Blitzer, Clancy & Company

Why BCC?


Blitzer, Clancy and Company’s focus is singular – achieve optimal strategic and financial outcomes for its clients. BCC often breaks new ground with unique approaches, identifying the right path which enables its clients to achieve extraordinary success.

BCC is unencumbered by the bureaucracy that weighs down most other middle market investment advisors. Unlike many firms that rely on analysts and associates to handle critical steps in the process, the firm’s Principals and Managing Directors are hands-on and intimately involved in every transaction to ensure clients receive the best insight, experience and expertise available.  This approach has proven to consistently deliver significantly better results.


Based on its extensive and constantly expanding network of enduring business relationships built over decades, BCC has often been referred to as one of the most connected middle market investment banking teams.

BCC’s network of relationships includes some of the most respected private equity, venture capital and operating companies around the world, as well as leaders from top universities, successful entrepreneurs and emerging growth companies developing tomorrow’s breakthrough products and services.


Maintaining a dynamic international presence that resonates far beyond its offices in New York, Boston and Frankfurt to capitalize on opportunities, the team at Blitzer, Clancy & Company understands the cultural differences that exist around the world.  BCC skillfully bridges the gaps within different cultures that often get in the way of a successful cross-border transaction.  As a result of BCC’s experience with cross-border transactions, they are also able to offer clients unique and valuable insight, strategic advice and assistance on identifying and executing the partnerships, mergers and acquisitions that will best expand a client’s global reach.


Adept at creating bold, innovative strategies for acquisitions, mergers, divestitures, strategic partnerships and joint ventures, BCC carefully analyses all aspects of a company, not just its financials.  The right solution needs to be comprehensive, encompassing operations, technologies, products, markets, channels and organization in addition to the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement.

The firm’s clients attest to the dramatic outcomes achieved even in difficult situations or challenging market conditions.  BCC also appreciates the accolades that have come from peers in its industry continuously praising the team for crafting forward thinking strategies and executing cutting-edge solutions that maximize shareholder value and accelerate company objectives.


In a world filled with complacency, BCC fosters action and decisiveness.  The firm works hard to secure a distinct competitive edge for its clients, delivering results consistently exceeding industry benchmarks. Whether orchestrating a merger, acquisition, strategic alliance, buyout or divestiture transaction, BCC enables emerging growth and middle market companies transition from good to great.

Getting it done . . . Skillful execution makes all the difference.  BCC puts together its network, creative ideas and steadfast determination to implement solutions that deliver maximum value for its clients.